Custom Websites for Businesses and Nonprofits




Website Design

I can build beautiful, responsive, and mobile-ready designs with integrated ecommerce and blogging capabilities. I can maintain your website for you, teach you to use it yourself, or a combination of both. More info below.


I make event videos and promo videos - capturing everything from weddings, parties, and retreats to stories, books, and organizations.

Other Design Services

Print material, logo, book cover, etc. You name it.


Here's what you get.


Responsive design

Mobile traffic now accounts for more than half of all website traffic, and Google now ranks sites by mobile friendliness. With that in mind, it’s critical that websites perform across any device and screen size. Every site I build is fully responsive, so content will look great on every device, every time.

Beautiful design that performs

I only work from templates are beautifully and thoughtfully designed to incorporate cutting edge UI/UX best practices, which means your website will have the best-of-the-best in “form and function” baked right in.

Easy to edit

I make it easy for you to maintain and update your website on your own, long after launch. Managing your website is a matter of dragging-and-dropping, pulling on corners to resize images, and what-you-see-is-what-you-get editing. If you’ve used a computer in the past twenty years, you’ll feel right at home.

Built-in search engine optimization

Every website I build is equipped with all the elements needed for a strong SEO strategy. Site descriptions, page titles, custom URLs, search-friendly formatting, and other key elements are all easily managed. Furthermore, there is an automatically generated built-in sitemap that helps Google to crawl, understand, and ultimately, rank a website.


All website packages include

  • Fully customized design

  • Content management training

  • Unlimited support during project
  • Links to your social media accounts
  • Built-in website traffic statistics
  • Newsletter subscription option
  • Custom domain name connection 
  • One hour free post-launch support

Bottom line

You get a clean, well-structured website that looks beautiful and works flawlessly!


You might be thinking...


+ “I don’t want anything fancy.”

Me neither. Take a look at my past clients’ websites and you’ll see what I mean: presentation matters and will continue to matter in the online space. A modern website needs to have a simple, beautiful interface that is easy to use and gorgeous to look at, whether you’re a carpenter, an attorney, or a gourmet taco chef.

+ “I may not have the right content.”

We’ll get there together. Having the right branding, imagery, and copy are prerequisites to creating a great website. I will make it easy for you to collect and create the best assets possible by giving you detailed instructions on what exactly you’ll need and by guiding you through the process. And I spent 7 years as an English teacher (one of the nice ones), so I'll make sure your content is easy to read and typo-free.

+ “I don’t want my website to look like a template.”

It won’t. I customize every aspect of a site’s structure and styling, resulting in a website that is distinctly and beautifully branded, but maintains a familiar user experience.

+ “Aren’t there free options?”

Things are rarely as free as they first appear. Once you add in costs for hosting, domains, themes, apps, plugins, custom domains, and removing third-party ads, you’re looking at a price significantly higher than “free.”

+ “Can’t I just have a Facebook page?”

Sure, but here's the thing: a presence on social media is like having a booth at a farmer’s market. There's lots of foot traffic, but the creative freedom is limited, the signal-to-noise ratio is low, and, at the end of the day, the visitors belong to the market itself. Facebook, Instagram, and other networks may be important in your field, and can drive traffic and sales, but they're not a substitute for a website.

+ “It's all too expensive.”

It depends. How valuable would a high-quality website be to the kind of work you do? My services are an investment in your business. The type of well-executed website I can help you create will provide a value that’s far greater than the upfront payment you’ll be making. That being said, if you find yourself in the situation of having more time than money, I can point you in the direction of resources that would, if you’re willing to invest the time, walk you through setting up your own website. And I do several pro-bono design projects a year, mostly for non-profits. If you think you might be a good candidate for that, send me a detailed message via my contact page.

+ “Can I preserve my SEO?”

Yes. If you already have strong search rankings for key pages or blog posts that you’d like to preserve, switching platforms may cause a temporary dip in established search ranking, but with proactive planning, that dip can be significantly reduced. Importing blog content, which is often a major contributor to SEO rankings, is a one-step process. It’s also easy to customize URLs so inbound links will continue to work. And redirects of pages that do not get migrated over are simple to implement, and will preserve the SEO value of those pages.

+ “Do I need an app?”

Probably not. The vast majority of app functionality you are likely to need can be built within a website, which will be accessed far more regularly than an app. Statistically, most people use only five apps, with Facebook taking the lion’s share of that screen time. Having a mobile friendly website that loads quickly and beautifully from a smartphone browser will meet your needs and save visitors the irritating step of stopping to download a new app.

+ “How do I get started?”

It’s easy! Contact me and let’s have a conversation.