I’m thrilled to be considered for your project.

My priority is to create a website that achieves your strategic goals, while at the same time communicating what makes you or your brand unique, special, and different. Your answers to the following questions will help me better understand the size, scope, and nature of your website, as well as help you think through what it is exactly you would like to create.

If you'd rather fill it out in an offline document (or by hand!) you can download a DOC version here.


king haus website Design brief

Name *
What do you want your website to do?
Consumers or other businesses? Fashion-forward or more conservative? High-end or budget? Local or far-flung? Young or old?
Seeking information? Ready to purchase?
Contact you? Book an appointment? Make a purchase? Subscribe to your newsletter? Something else?
How do you want to be seen?
Newcomer, established? Local, regional, national? Artisanal, mass market?
Nuts & Bolts
Are there considerations that might affect the timeline (e.g. launches, openings, etc.)?
This would include: all copy (bios, headlines, products, about pages, etc.), images, and a logo or other branding.
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