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I've had the privilege of working with a wide range of people, businesses, and nonprofits.



I've had the privilege of working with people in all kinds of fields.

Developing a web site seemed overwhelming, but Vic made it easy every step of the way. He quickly grasped the essence of my niche audience and was full of ideas and truly happy to go with whatever served my best interests - a great balance between leading the way with his knowledge and checking in with my desires and goals.

Instead of a huge stone I had to push uphill myself, it seemed like a pebble that Vic kicked uphill quickly and I skipped up to the top and met him there!
Kim Sutter,


Michael Joseph Harris and his bandmates play inventive, energetic gypsy jazz. They perform original tunes as the trio Ultrafaux, and Django Reinhardt covers as the larger ensemble Hot Club of Baltimore. I helped them create a website that brought all of their incarnations together in one place, helping them connect with their fans, sell out their shows, and stream and sell their music.  

lambda z technologies

Ananda Kumar designs and constructs groundbreaking RF devices for biomedical research. His site helps him connect with the few people on earth who actually know what that means.

the Forsyth Real Estate group

Travis Forsyth isn't a realtor - he's a professional real estate consultant. I helped him create an agency website that sets him apart online and highlights his exceptional client reviews, as well as single-property pages for homes he's selling.

first baptist brooklyn

First Baptist Church of Brooklyn is a small, diverse church in South Baltimore that celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2016. In addition to their building their website, I spent a Sunday morning shooting photos and video, which provided the video backgrounds, site photography, and welcome video.

color me chincoteague

Joanna King created a coloring book to celebrate the people and small businesses that make Chincoteague Island, Virginia, a beautiful place to live and vacation. Since we happen to be married, I have been involved in every aspect of the project: website, book design, social media, and ecommerce.

Vic King is by far one of the most creative people I know. Over the years he has perfected his unique style and knows just how to give clients something special.

Without him helping me out in the beginning days of being a fledgling business, I wouldn’t have the current success and understanding I possess now. He brought clarity and vision to my passion because that is his own. Highly recommend!

Kevin Wilcox,


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