The latest rankings: only 6 days left

This scene could be taking place on the sandbar island that currently sits atop "Activities."

This scene could be taking place on the sandbar island that currently sits atop "Activities."

We're already into the last week of the contest! Plenty of people have voted this week. Here are the current rankings:


  1. Pony Swim

  2. Fireman's Carnival

  3. 4th of July

  4. Oyster Festival

  5. Blueberry Festival


  1. Woody's Beach BBQ & Eatery

  2. Bill's Seafood

  3. Sea Star Cafe

  4. Pico Taqueria

  5. Don's Seafood

  6. Right Up Your Alley

  7. The Jackspot

  8. The Crab Shack

  9. The Farmer's Daughter

  10. Saigon Village

  11. The Village

  12. Smoky's BBQ

  13. Gary Howard's Seafood

  14. AJ's on the Creek

  15. Etta's

  16. Famous Pizza

  17. Steve's II

  18. Mr. Paul's


  1. Sandy Pony Donuts (tied for first!)

  2. Island Creamery (tied for first!)

  3. Build Your Own Cookie

  4. Mr. Whippy

  5. Muller's Ice Cream Parlor

  6. Sugarbakers


  1. lounge on the sandbar island

  2. ride bikes or scooters

  3. fish off a dock or boat

  4. watch movies at the Island Roxy theater

  5. go mini golfing at Surfside Golf

  6. doing yoga on the dock at Island Resort Inn

  7. photographing the local wildlife

  8. driving gokarts & bumper boats at Funland


  1. The Brant

  2. MamerSass

  3. Pony Tails

  4. Flying Fish

  5. Sundial Books

  6. Main Street Cafe

  7. Atlantic Shoals

  8. Girls Day Out

  9. Lotts' Arts & Things


  1. Tom's Cove Park

  2. Refuge Inn

  3. Miss Molly's Inn

  4. Maddox Campground

  5. Sea Shell Motel

  6. Snug Harbor Marina

  7. Channel Bass Inn

  8. 1848 Island Manor House

  9. Island Motor Inn

  10. Pine Grove Campground

  11. Waterfowl Park

  12. Chincoteague Charm


  1. Capt. Dan's Around the Island Tours

  2. Daisey's Island Cruises

  3. Capt. Barry's Back Bay Cruises

  4. Saltwater Pony Tours

  5. Spider's Explorer

  6. Chinco Cruises & Nature Tours


  1. Memorial Park

  2. the fire station

  3. the library

  4. the bait shop

  5. the high school

  6. the post office


  1. the old drawbridge

  2. Museum of Chincoteague

  3. that house with the Viking statue

  4. the junk shop on Main St

  5. Captain Timothy Hill House

  6. "down neck"

How close are these races, really?

In all of these categories except Events, Activities, and Everything else, the leader is ahead by fewer than 25 votes! So your vote (and sharing this contest) can make a substantial difference!  

I wish my favorite places ranked higher! 

If you haven't voted yet, you can vote now. And if you've already voted, tell your friends. (Please don't vote more than once; it makes more work for us and doesn't add to your total. Seriously, we have several ways of catching repeat entries. Just ask your friends to vote instead!) 

When will it end?

This poll closes at the same time as our Kickstarter campaign: 11:59PM on Friday, July 31st. 

And in case you hadn't heard, we are stretching right now on Kickstarter to turn this coloring book into a 48-pager! More pages means more of these places get included! Back us before Friday night to help make that happen!

-Vic & Joanna

[When this whole thing  is done, we are going to need to take a sabbatical from exclamation marks...]