Yarr! We be funded!

A cross-post of our update to our Kickstarter backers. In case you aren't yet one of them. 

You are amazing. Less than 24 hours after our last update, and we've blown past 100%!

So earlier this evening, right after we passed 100%, Vic whipped up a little song to celebrate...

And now... drum roll please... STRETCH GOALS! 

If you're familiar with Kickstarter, you probably know that stretch goals done poorly can bust a creator's budget. Rest assured, we've done the math, and these are some really fun above-and-beyond goals that we're confident we can deliver if we meet these funding levels.

So to recap and expand:

  • If we hit $3250, all backers will get a digital (PDF) copy of the ENTIRE BOOK.

  • If we hit $3500, we will be able to print our book on the heaviest paper we possibly can - uncoated 105lb stock - and have it perfect-bound instead of saddle-stitched.

  • If we hit $3750, you'll get +4 pages, making the book 36 pages total

  • If we hit $4000, you'll get a STICKER SHEET with 10 full-color, kiss-cut, Chincoteague stickers (through the good folks at Stand Out Stickers) with each physical copy of the book!

  • If we hit $4500, you'll get +4 more pages (40 pages total).

  • And if we hit $5000, you'll get +8 more pages, bringing the book to 48 pages!

Which stretch goal are you most excited about? You can comment on this update, or on our general comments section of our Kickstarter page.

In the 9 days that remain, let's see how many of these goals we can color in!

-Vic & Joanna