Your favorite places (so far)

Here are the current rankings in our voting contest:


  1. Fireman's Carnival

  2. Pony Swim

  3. Fourth of July

  4. Oyster Festival

  5. Blueberry Festival


  1. Pico's Taqueria

  2. Right Up Your Alley

  3. Woody's

  4. Bill's Seafood

  5. Sea Star

  6. Saigon Village


  1. Island Creamery

  2. Sandy Pony Donuts (tied for second!)

  3. Build Your Own Cookie (tied for second!)

  4. Mr. Whippy

  5. Muller's Ice Cream Parlor

  6. Sugarbakers


  1. lounge on the sandbar island

  2. ride bikes or scooters

  3. fish off a dock or boat

  4. go mini golfing

  5. watch movies at the Island Theatre


  1. MamerSass

  2. The Brant

  3. Sundial Books (tied for 3rd!)

  4. Flying Fish (tied for 3rd!)

  5. Main Street Cafe


  1. Miss Molly's Inn (tied for 1st!)

  2. Maddox Family Campground (tied for 1st!)

  3. The Refuge Inn

  4. Channel Bass Inn

  5. 1848 Island Manor House

  6. Tom's Cove Park

  7. Sea Shell Motel

  8. Snug Harbor Marina


  1. Capt. Dan's Around the Island Tours (tied for 1st!)

  2. Capt. Barry's Back Bay Cruises (tied for 1st!)

  3. Daisey's Island Cruises

  4. Saltwater Pony Tours (tied for 4th!)

  5. Spider's Explorer (tied for 4th!)

  6. Chincoteague Cruises & Nature Tours


  1. the fire station

  2. the bait shop (tied for 2nd!)

  3. the high school (tied for 2nd!)

  4. the post office

  5. the library


  1. the old drawbridge

  2. Museum of Chincoteague

  3. that house with the Viking statue

  4. Captain Timothy Hill House

  5. "down neck"

  6. the junk shop on Main St

Do you wish your favorite places ranked higher? If you haven't voted yet, you can vote now. And if you've already voted, tell your friends! The races are all still very close!